Progress at Minturno

Originally Published in 1932

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OBJECTS of interest continue to be found at Minturno, which, as the weeks go by, repeatedly confirms its importance as a notable archaeological site. We regret that this, the last Bulletin until the autumn, goes to press too early to give an adequate summary of the work that has been accomplished so far, but it seems advisable to have the material more completely in hand before preparing such a report, especially as the excavations are still in progress. Plate XV gives an interesting glimpse of how the scene-building of the theater was built over the earlier colonnade; note the column base incorporated in the back wall of the scene.

Excavation of the west wing of the theater scene, with an arrow pointing to the column base
Plate XV — The Theater at Minturno, Italy, Built Over an Earlier Colonnade
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Of the individual objects recently found, one of the best pieces is a portrait head of the Emperor Domitian (A. D. 81-96) which was found in one of the ‘grottoes’ together with a large fragment of a colossal statue of the Young Augustus, much of which had previously been found; this latter statue is now sufficiently complete to show that the subject was seated. Three Tragic Masks of marble are carefully worked and are extremely interesting. A vault which has already yielded a number of objects has been only partially cleared and gives every prospect of containing much more of interest.

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