Vol. 13 / No. 2

By: Ljubica D. Popovich

An Ethiopian Holy Land

Elevated heavenward by the central moun­tain massif of Ethiopia, forever tied to the earth with the vein of rock out […]

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Vol. 11 / No. 4

By: Froelich Rainey

In Search of Egi Zuma

At the airport in Tripoli I met the three husky young Italians who were to accompany us into the desolate […]

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Vol. 11 / No. 3

By: Olga Linares De Sapir

Diola Pottery of the Fogny and the Kasa

Separated from the modern capital of Dakar by rivers and difficult roads, the Diola of the Casamance in southern Senegal, […]

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Vol. 11 / No. 1

By: Carleton S. Coon

Excavations at Yengema Cave: Sierra Leone

During November, 1965, Mrs. Coon and I excavated a cave at Yengema, Kono District, Southeastern Province, Sierra Leone. We were […]

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Vol. 10 / No. 4

By: Leslie R. Langton

The Restoration of a Bronze Plaque From Benin

In April 1967 the University Museum of Philadelphia sent me fragments of a Benin Bronze plaque (AF 2069) with a […]

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Vol. 10 / No. 4

By: Robert Netting

Kofyar Building in Mud and Stone

The Kofyar are a tough, hard working, notably independent people living in Northern Nigeria. They are hill men whose individualism […]

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Vol. 10 / No. 3

By: Nicholas David

Archaeological Reconnaissance in Cameroon

In spite of its central location at the hinge of Africa, between the Congo basin and the West, the desert […]

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occult drawing

Vol. 9 / No. 4

By: Allan Young

Varieties of Amhara Graphic Art

The Amhara are the politically dominant people of modern Ethiopia. Agriculturalists of the northern highlands, they are the descendants of […]

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Group of laughing men

Vol. 9 / No. 3

By: Carleton S. Coon

Yengema Cave

Like other non-professional soldiers during the second World War I made some close friends whom I saw little if ever […]

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Vol. 7 / No. 1

By: Margaret Plass

The Fetish That Knew Too Much

A powerful fetish that also served as an oracle in the Kra or Tchien tribe of Liberia has recently been […]

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