Vol. 25 / No. 2

By: Roderick J. McIntosh and Susan Keech McIntosh

Forgotten Tells of Mali: New Evidence of Urban Beginnings in West Africa

The regular reader of Expedition and, almost certainly, every professional archae­ologist has at one time or another experi­enced the spell […]

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Vol. 25 / No. 2

By: Sandra T. Barnes and Paula Ben-Amos

Benin, Oyo, and Dahomey: Warfare, State Building, and the Sacralization of Iron in West African History

Note This article was intended originally for EXPEDITION 25 no. 1 (Fall 1902), the special issue on Archaeometallurgy. For reasons […]

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Vol. 20 / No. 3

By: Frank L. Lambrecht

Mabudu: A Report on a Vanishing Culture in the Northeastern Corner of the Congo Basin as it existed in 1948

In the northeastern corner of the Congo Basin rainforest lies a region known as Kibali-Ituri named after the two rivers […]

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Vol. 19 / No. 2

By: Frank L. Lambrecht

Kalahari Desert Trek Notes: From Lobatsi to Tsodilo Hills

Except in relation to the surrounding countries of the Republic of South Africa, Rhodesia and South West Africa, the Repub­lic […]

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Vol. 18 / No. 3

By: Frank L. Lambrecht

The Pastoral Nomads of Nigeria

No matter how far the town, there is another beyond it.” Fulani proverb Little affected by western ideas and technology […]

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Vol. 17 / No. 1

By: Mildred A. Konan

Calabashes in Northern Nigeria

Several women huddled together in the shade of old trees in a small open market. They sat on the sandy […]

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Vol. 16 / No. 2

By: Robert S. O. Harding

The Predatory Baboon

Between September 1970 and October 1971, I made a field study of a troop of free-ranging olive baboons near the […]

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Vol. 15 / No. 3

By: David Crownover

Gold Beads From the Gold Coast

Hutchinson, in his diary, part of Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee, published by Thomas Bowdich in 1819, paints […]

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Vol. 14 / No. 2

By: Ekpo O. Eyo

New Treasures From Nigeria

Recent excavations in western Nigeria conducted by the Department of Antiquities of the Government of Nigeria indicate that the town […]

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Vol. 13 / No. 2

By: Margaret Plass

The Dance of Sigi

The old chief, seventy-five years old by the calendar of the Europeans, two Sigis and ten years by the calendar […]

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