List of Selected Books

Ancient London

By: George Byron Gordon

Originally Published in 1922

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John Stow—A Survey of London (1598). The great work on Mediaeval London and the first History of the City. It contains a translation of the Latin description written by Fitzstephen, a monk of Canterbury, in 1174 in his Life of Thomas a Becket.

John Strype—Edition of Stow (1720).

Phillip Stubbes—The Anatomie of Abuses (1583).

Samuel Pepys—Diary (January 1660-May 31, 1669). The diary was written in cypher. Discovered in 1825 in the Pepysian Library at Cambridge, it was translated by Rev. J. Smith and incomplete editions were published in 1875-79. In 1893 the whole diary, edited by H. B. Wheatley, was published for the first time, with the exception of certain passages considered unprintable.

William Maitland—History of London (1759).

John Entick—A New and Accurate History of London, Westminster and Southwark (1766).

The City Remembrancer—Narrative of the Plague, 1665. Narrative of the Fire, 1666. Narrative of the Storm, 1703. Published in 1769.

Walter Harrison—A New and Universal History of London (1775).

J. W. Abbot—A History of London (1821).

Thomas Allen—History and Antiquities of London (1829).

Thomas Wright—A continuation of the last (1839).

William Smith—A New History of London (1833).

Charles McKay—A History of London (1838).

John Timbs—Curiosities of London (1855). New Editions published in 1868, 1875, 1876.

Sir Walter Besant—The Survey of London (1902-1908).

H. B. Wheatley—The Story of London.

Jacob Giles—Laws and Customs, Rights, Liberties and Privileges of London.

H. T. Riley, translator—Liber Albus, The White Book of London.

W. & R. Woodcock—Lives of the Lord Mayors.

Major Arthur Griffiths—The Chronicles of Newgate.

H. B. Wheatley and Peter Cunningham—London, Past and Present.

Reginald R. Sharke—London and the Kingdom. A History derived mainly from the Archives of the Guildhall (1894).

Sir Laurence Gomme—The Governance of London (1907).

Sir Laurence Gomme—The Making of London.

E. Beresford Chancellor—Annals of Fleet Street.

Philip Norman—London Vanished and Vanishing.

P. H. Ditchfield—The City Companies of London and their Good Works

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