Oceanian Section

A Maori Feeding-Funnel

By: H. U. Hall

Volume XIX / Number 1

IN the MUSEUM JOURNAL for December, 1920, a number of objects illustrating the native decorative art of New Zealand were published. The photographs included a realistic representation of the face moko, or incised tattooing, on a figure which probably once formed part of a house ornament (Fig. 91). Two drawings were added which were made […]

A Souvenir Of The Great Explorers

By: Henry Usher Hall

Volume XVI / Number 3

The University Museum has recently received from Alaska an object of quite extraordinary interest, found in an Indian village on Admiralty Island by Mr. Louis Shot-ridge, of the American Section of the Museum. The circumstances of the finding of this object are as follows. Mr. Shotridge, himself a full blood Alaskan Indian and a chief […]

A Woodcarving From Easter Island

By: Henry Usher Hall

Volume XVI / Number 2

The object figured here from the Museum’s Easter Island collection belongs to a class, of woodcarvings usually referred to in the literature of Easter Island as household gods, It includes figurines representing men and women, various animal forms, and monsters combining features of both the former categories. The Museum’s collection contains several fine examples of […]

The Orator’s Staff

By: Henry Usher Hall

Volume XV / Number 4

Among the Maori of New Zealand and in the Samoan islands oratory had a peculiarly privileged position among the arts. In New Zealand, in an organized college for the sons of nobles, rhetoric was taught incidentally to the instruction formally given in the traditional lore which provided an essential part of the raw material of […]

Two Hawaiian Feather Garments, Ahuula

By: Henry Usher Hall

Volume XIV / Number 1

Two beautiful and remarkably well preserved examples of the gorgeous feather garments formerly worn by chiefs in the Hawaiian Islands have lately been acquired by the University Museum. Both garments, a mantle (Plate I) and a cape (Plate II), were for many years in the possession of the family of Zouche of Haryngworth. Robert Curzon, […]

Art of the Marquesas Islanders

By: Henry Usher Hall

Volume XII / Number 4

IN the year 1595, the Spanish admiral, Alvaro de Mendaña, sailing westward from Peru in command of an expedition sent out by the Viceroy, Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza, Marques de Cañete, discovered a group of islands lying about midway between the Peruvian coast and the great island of New Guinea on the western verge of […]

Woodcarvings of the Austral Islands

By: Henry Usher Hall

Volume XII / Number 3

A prominent feature of the exhibition of Polynesian artifacts in the General Ethnology Section of the Museum is a number of beautifully carved paddles, so called, from the Austral Islands. This class of objects, whose use was probably ceremonial and whose ornamentation had a religious or quasi-religious significance, has formed an important part of the […]

A Book of Tapa

By: Henry Usher Hall

Volume XII / Number 1

In the year 1787 there was published in London an interesting and curious book styled a CATALOGUE and illustrated with samples cut from specimens of the tapa or bark cloth collected by Cook and his companions during the great explorer’s three voyages. The title page and the quaint dedication are reproduced here from a copy […]

Maori Wood Carving and Moko

By: Henry Usher Hall

Volume XI / Number 4

The objects dealt with in this article form part of the exhibition lately arranged in the southeast room on the ground floor of the Museum and intended to illustrate the representative and decorative art of some primitive peoples of Africa and Oceania. As examples of this art, remote in its results, as it probably is […]

New Ireland Masks

By: H. U. Hall

Volume X / Number 4

There are in the collections of the University Museum numerous objects which illustrate very fairly the life and manners of the natives of the chain of islands lying northeast of New Guinea, the two largest of which, named for a time New Pomerania and New Mecklenburg, are now once more known by their former names, […]