Additional List of Selected Books

Ancient London

Originally Published in 1922

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Memoirs of the Geological Survey, 1889; W. Whitaker, The Geology of London and Part of the Thames Valley.

Lord Avebury—The Scenery of England.

Catalogue of the Collection of London Antiquities in the Guildhall Museum.

Londina Illustrata

Henry C. Shelley—Inns and Taverns of Old London.

Philip Norman—London Signs and Inscriptions.

Robert Withington—English Pageantry.

Dean Stanley—Memorials of Westminster Abbey.

Walter George Bell—Unknown London.

Walter George Bell—More about Unknown London.

George Norton—Commentaries on the History, Constitution and Chartered Franchises of the City of London.

J. H. Round—The Commune of London and other Studies.

The Publications of the London Topographical Society.

The books dealing with London and with special subjects connected with it are very numerous. Those contained in this list and the list printed in the last JOURNAL are only those to which I feel myself most indebted. I have drawn so freely on them that I wish to make this acknowledgment to their authors, the dead and the living.

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