The Peruvian Expedition

Dr. Farabee in South America

Originally Published in 1923

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Dr.Farabee has now been one year in South America conducting excavations on behalf of the Museum. The region chosen for investigation was Southern Peru from the coast inland and around Arequipa. Dr. Farabee’s researches were conducted under a special concession of the Peruvian Government which gave him the right to excavate and to export for the University Museum all objects which he might find. The Museum has in the course of the year received five different shipments from Dr. Farabee containing a variety of ancient Inca and pre-Inca products. Among these are richly decorated pottery, fine coloured textiles of elaborate design and gold work. Dr. Farabee is at present in Chili among the Araucanian Indians and will return to the Museum early in April.

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