Building Operations

Originally Published in 1924

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The third section of the University Museum has been completed and delivered to the Trustees in December. This third section is the part that extends from the finished rotunda eastward and will connect with the central rotunda when that part of the building shall have been completed.

The place of the central rotunda will be at the extreme left hand of the picture on the opposite page. It will be the principal feature of the fourth section of the building which will also contain the main entrance facing the courtyard seen in the foreground of the picture. The architects have just been commissioned to prepare the plans for the fourth section. The third section just completed is seen in the left of the picture. It consists of two stories, the central part of each consisting of a large hall communicating on either side with a series of smaller rooms. The great hall on the upper or main floor is lighted by means of a clearstory and the side rooms by skylights. The great hall on the lower floor is lit artificially and the side rooms by windows. The two great halls, above and below, will contain the Egyptian exhibits. Some of the smaller rooms will be devoted to the same purpose. Others will contain the Palestine collections from Bethshan and the collections from Ur. The Arabic collections and the collections from Persia and India will also be included in this third section.

Drawing of the building from the Northeast showing the rotunda, courtyard, and various wings
Plate III — The University Museum as it appears from the Northeast after the completion of the third section, which is seen at the left.
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