The Docent Service

Originally Published in 1926

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On each weekday the Docents are at the service of visitors and have the duty and the privilege of accompanying them through the exhibition rooms and explaining the collections. This attendance is entirely informal and is the expression of a wish on the part of the Museum Management to enable visitors to avail themselves at will of all possible means to make a visit to the Museum an agreeable and profitable experience and to ensure satisfaction on their part. Observation has proved that personal contact between visitors and those who live with the collections and are accustomed to interpret them in an interesting way makes a visit to the Museum more enjoyable. While some visitors may not need this assistance and many may prefer to stroll through the galleries alone, it is true in general that a little help from some one conversant with the exhibits enables the visitor to carry away a more lasting impression and a more satisfied frame of mind. This service is freely at the disposal of all visitors by application at the Information Desk in the entrance.

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