Tepe Hissar Excavations 1931

By: E. F. S.

Originally Published in 1933

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It is our pleasant duty to express gratitude to the patrons, counsellors, and friends of the Expedition, whose constant interest made it possible to bring the work to a satisfactory conclusion.

A minaret looming against a sky above building ruins
Plate LXXIII — The Old Minaret of the Main Mosque in Damghan
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In the United States, the two supporting museums, the University Museum and the Pennsylvania Museum of Art cooperated in an ideal manner with the field staff. To Mrs. William Boyce Thompson our gratitude is due in the fullest possible measure: her generosity not alone enabled the Expedition to work during the first season on a more efficient basis than would have been otherwise possible, but her continued kindness assured the continuity of the operations at Damghan until the end. To Mrs. William H. Moore, our thanks are also due for signal assistance at a critical juncture, as well as to Miss Caroline Sinkler, Mrs. William K. du Pont, Miss Mary Helen Warden, and Miss Louise D. Catherwood, and to Mrs. Christian Holmes through the American Institute for Persian Art and Archaeology, which entered into participation with the Museums during the final phases of the Expedition’s work. To the Baron and Baroness de Schauensee, to Mrs. James M. R. Sinkler, to Mr. W. Hinckle Smith, to Mr. Wright S. Ludington, and to the late Mr. Frank Battles we wish to mark our gratitude for support in launching the venture.

For valuable advice and willing cooperation it is particularly desired to extend thanks to Mr. Wallace Murray of the Department of State, to the writer’s esteemed professors of anthropology and human morphology, Franz Boas and Bruno Oetteking; to Dr. A. V. Kidder, always ready to help and advise; to Dr. A. V. Williams Jackson, the pioneer in our field; and Mr. Arthur Upham Pope, whose familiarity with the varied problems was of great value to the Expedition, both in Persia and in this country.

Our acknowledgements are due many in Persia: His Majesty Shah Pahlavi, H. H. Teymourtache, His Excellency Karaghozlou, Professor Andre Godard, Director of Antiquities, Mr. Charles Hart, Minister of the United States, Mr. George Wadsworth, First Secretary of the Legation, Consul Robert S. Streeper and Vice-Consul Arthur L. Richards, and to Dr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Wulsin, Mr. J. Z. Mirzayantz, and members of the faculty of the American College. To Professor Ernst Herzfeld particular acknowledgment is due for first drawing attention to the possibilities of the site, and for advice and assistance during the progress of the work.

E. F. S.

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