Location: On Display in the Eastern Mediterranean Gallery

From: Israel | Beth Shean

Curatorial Section: Near Eastern

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Object Number 29-107-951
Current Location Eastern Mediterranean Gallery - On Display
Culture Egyptian
Provenience Israel | Beth Shean
Archaeology Area Room 1010, S. Temple on Level V
Section Near Eastern
Materials Basalt

Bearing name of (Amen-em) Apt. Upper register missing. Lower register is in 2 fragments and is incomplete. Inscribed with 13 lines of vertical text, one of which is missing; four of the others being partly broken away or defaced. In middle of stone is represented the figure of the persom for whom the monument was made. He faces to the left with his arms raised in adoration and is seated on a low stool. Before him are 5 vertical lines and in back of the figure are three.

Rowe: “We found also in 1925 near the west end of the southern temple of Rameses II, an Egyptian stela bearing the name of a certain [Amen-em-]Apt. … This stela originally had an upper register, which has yet been found. The lower register contained thirteen lines of perpendicular text, one of which is missing; many of the other lines are partly broken away or defaced. The inscription reads from left to right. In the middle of the stone is represented the figure of the person for whom the monument was made, his arms raised in adoration to the gods, some of whose figures were doubtless engraved on the upper part. The name occurs at the end of the last line, and as the portion of the stela between his name and certain titles in unfortunately missing, it is impossible to say whether the stela was actually made for Amen -em-Apt himself or his son…

Line 13 thus reads “overseer of the two granaries of the Lord of the Two Lands, steward [either son of Amen-em-Apt or just Amen-em-Apt].” The inscription commences with the usual formula, hetep-di-nesw, and reads “An offering-which-the-king-gives [to] Ra-Harmachis, Atem, Horus, Kheperi, Thoth lord of words of the god, Shu, Tefnut, the lords of the other world (?), and Osiris, at the head of the west, the great god, the ruler of eternity, that they may give life, prosperity, health, keen vision, honor, and love, a sound mouth, the footstep in its place, until the reaching of a venerated state in peace, the end thereof being a good funeral, and burial in the cemetery of my town. May my soul go out to the place which it desires, without being imprisoned. May I see Ra in the Lands of Bakhau (Mountains of Sunrise), while the gods adore him. May I cross over [heaven(?)]… [may I go in and out(?)], may I not be driven back from nay door… may I join the god[s(?)]… together with the crew (?)… For the double of the overseer of the two granaries of the Lord of the Two Lands, steward…”

Height 35 cm
Length 43 cm
Width 11.5 cm
Credit Line Expedition to Beth Shean (Beisan); Clarence Fisher, 1921-1928
Other Number 25-9-96, 25-10-450 - Field No SF

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