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Object Number: C688
Current Location: Collections storage
Provenience: China
Period: Ming Dynasty
Date Made: C. 1476
Early Date: 1476
Late Date: 1496
Iconography:Bhaisajyaguru Buddha
Medicine Buddha
Yaksa General
Height: 5.33m
Width: 8.8m
Credit Line:Purchased from C. T. Loo, 1927


Mural painting from temple wall. Complete wall, total of 23 sections. The central figure in this mural is Bhaisajyaguru, the Healing or Medicine Buddha. He is associated with longevity and guards against untimely death, nightmares, evil apparitions, vicious animals, robbers, thieves, and invading states. The Bodhisattvas of the Moon and Sun, identified by the aureoles or circular lights around their heads, form a triad with the Buddha.

Bhaisajyaguru is also accompanied by the Twelve Guardian Generals who represent the Buddha's twelve vows. The Generals make offerings to the Buddha so he will grant their wishes and free them from suffering. They have pledged to protect those who inform others about Bhaisajyaguru.

Worshippers turned to this image to try and visualize themselves in paradise, a beautiful place with jeweled trees, palaces, lotus ponds, musicians, and dancers. Some believed that worshippers could be reborn in paradise by simply reciting the name of Buddha Amitabha rather then through meditation and austerities.

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