The Expedition to Minturnæ

Originally Published in 1933

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NO formal report has yet been received from Dr. Jotham Johnson since the resumption of excavations at Minturnre, Italy. A cable, however, announces a rich find of sculptures in the theater scena, including a Diana hunting with a dog, two excellent portrait heads, and a head of Hercules. The message also states that abundant evidence has been found that the original Augustan theater was enlarged about the time of Trajan, and that it was further restored by Maximinian, who erased earlier inscriptions and wrote in his own name. An almost unique portrait head was found to have been usurped by someone who cut back the original surface, creating a new likeness; it is hoped that both subjects will be identified during the course of further investigations.

Partially excavted walls seen from a hill
Plate XI — Looking Towards the Pre-Roman City from the Top of the Theater at Minturnæ, Italy

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