The Joint Expedition to Persia

Originally Published in 1932

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DR. ERICH SCHMIDT has delayed sending a further report on the work at Damghan until his material and photographs are wholly in order; this, however, should be in the hand in time for the March Bulletin. The season has now come to a most successful close and we may be sure that Dr. Schmidt will have much of interest to report. A recent letter from him states that data on no less than three hundred and seventy-five skeletons are in the files of the expedition. Plate IV shows an early burial of the ‘Gray Pottery Stratum’. A most interesting jar with ibex design of the ‘Painted Pottery Stratum’ is shown in Plate V.

A skeleton with objects in situ
Plate IV — Early Burial of the ‘Gray Pottery Stratum,’ Damghan, Persia
A footed cup with an ibex painted on it
Plate V — Ibex Jar of the ‘Painted Pottery Stratum,’ Damghan, Persian

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