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This website is produced by the Gordion Archaeological Project at the Penn Museum of the University of Pennsylvania. Our goal is to make key Gordion information and interpretations more immediately accessible to the world at large, and to encourage the broadest interest in this historically important place and the many cultural associations that have marked it through the centuries.

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The content in the website has been produced by the experts working on the Gordion material according to their areas of speciality. These include, in alphabetical order, Susanne Berndt-Ersöz, Claude Brixhe, Brendan Burke, Gareth Darbyshire, Keith DeVries, Elspeth Dusinberre, Matt Glendinning, Andrew Goldman, Ayşe Gürsan-Salzmann, Jessica Johnson, Janet Jones, Lisa Kealhofer, Peter Ian Kuniholm, Richard Liebhart, Kathleen Lynch, Patrick McGovern, Ben Marsh, Frank Matero, Machteld Mellink, Naomi Miller, Gabriel Pizzorno, Lynn Roller, C. Brian Rose, G. Kenneth Sams, Elizabeth Simpson, Krysia Spirydowicz, Shannan Stewart, Elif Ünlü, Mary Voigt, Martin Wells, and Rodney Young.

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