Art & Architecture

The Gordion ‘Doodles’
The “doodles” are a series of drawings found on the walls of one of the buildings from the Gordion Destruction Level, Megaron 2 (Early Phrygian/YHSS 6A period). This building, located in the outer courtyard area of the citadel complex, was constructed primarily of stone and has several unusual features, including an elaborate pebble mosaic on its interior floor decorated with a series of irregular geometric patterns.
Architectural Terracottas
Roof tiles—often referred to by archaeologists as architectural terracottas—were invented in Greece in the seventh century BCE. Consisting of interlocking and overlapping plates of baked clay, tiled roofs were both water- and fire-proof, and thus offered significant advantages over traditional mud and thatch methods. Initial designs were simple and utilitarian, but as the technology spread around the Mediterranean littoral, manufacturers took increasing advantage of the tiles’ visible surface …