The Heye Collection

American Section

By: W.N.B

Originally Published in 1910

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The George G. Heye collection illustrating the culture of the American Indians has been materially enlarged since its first opening in February last. Among other things a fine carved wooden bowl from the Sauk and Fox Indians, a sun robe, and a collection of pipes from the Northwest Coast have attracted special attention. At the present time Mr. Heye is maintaining three expeditions in the field, one among the plains Indians, another among the Ojibways and still another in Ecuador. No reports have yet been received from the last. The first has had very remarkable success, obtaining rare specimens, such as sacred medicine bundles and objects used in the ceremonies. From Dr. Eastman, who is in charge of the work among the Ojib-ways, there have just been received two very fine birch bark canoes and a collection of very remarkable specimens, which will be enumerated and described in a later issue.

Fig. 7—A Hall in the American Section of the Museum. Showing the George H. Heye Collection.
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