Volume XI / Number 4


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Volume XI / Number 4

Dr. Leon Legrain, Curator of the Babylonian Section of the University Museum, while assembling the more important of the unpublished and unidentified historical documents among the many thousand tablets excavated at Nippur, has brought to light two remarkable documents. The first of these is a complete document with one of the earliest portraits in existence. […]

Reconstructing Ancient History

By: Leon Legrain

Volume XI / Number 4

I Portrait of a King Who Reigned 4130 Years Ago Ibi-Sin, the last king of Ur, began to reign in 2210 B.C. The I only portrait of him is one stamped on a lump of clay, taken from the excavations at Nippur in Babylonia and preserved in the University Museum. Other examples of the discovery […]

Indian Cradles

By: William Curtis Farabee

Volume XI / Number 4

The long period of infancy has been the one stabilizing influence in the foundation of human society. Around the mother and her helpless child is built the home which is the basis of all social systems. The cradle therefore has become a sacred emblem among civilized men. Even in primitive society the child is the […]

Maori Wood Carving and Moko

By: Henry Usher Hall

Volume XI / Number 4

The objects dealt with in this article form part of the exhibition lately arranged in the southeast room on the ground floor of the Museum and intended to illustrate the representative and decorative art of some primitive peoples of Africa and Oceania. As examples of this art, remote in its results, as it probably is […]

An Early Potter’s Wheel

By: Stephen Bleeker Luce Jr

Volume XI / Number 4

No clearer evidence is known to the archæologist as to the civilization of any early people, than the pottery which he finds in his excavations. Peoples who make fine and artistic vases are usually endowed with an acute and accurate æsthetic sense. If the faculty for producing beautiful pottery is combined with the knowledge of […]


Volume XI / Number 4

Gifts. The following gifts have been received. Mrs. William Lyttleton Savage, two Roman glass vases. Mr. and Mrs. Hampton L. Carson, five lithographs of American Indians dated 1837. Dr. William Pepper, one volume, Maximilian, Prince of Wied, TRAVELS IN NORTH AMERICA, two volumes, Garcillasso de la Vega, HISTOIRE DES INCAS, ROIS DU PEROU. Purchases. The […]