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Aten Relief from Amarna 1539 – 1292 BCE.


Ancient Egypt's Place in the Sun

Archaeologist examining Egyptian mummy.

In the Artifact Lab

Conserving Egyptian Mummies

Fishing on the beach at Yoni.

Daily Life in Sierra Leone

The Sherbro in 1936-37

Wall painting with hieroglyphs.


A New Look at an Ancient Culture

Painted Lenape drum.

Fulfilling a Prophecy

The Past and Present of the Lenape in Pennsylvania

The Standard of Ur mosaic.

Iraq’s Ancient Past

Rediscovering Ur’s Royal Cemetery

Three jars, used for storing alcohol.


9,000-year History Of Chinese Fermented Beverages

Matto Grosso movie poster.

Matto Grosso

The Great Brazilian Wilderness

Site title graphic featuring image of Mayan pyramid.

Maya 2012

Lords of Time

Gold backflap artifact

Moche Gold

The Return of a Stolen Cultural Treasure to Peru

Left: Photo of Mongolian family in front of their hut. Right: Illustration of Genghis Khan.

Modern Mongolia

Reclaiming Genghis Khan

Site title over image of mountains.

Native American Voices

The People—Here and Now

Teacher instructing students, using a circular array of objects.

Navigation in the Western Pacific

A Search for Pattern

Mayan cylindrical painted pottery.

Painted Metaphors

Pottery and Politics of the Ancient Maya

Nigerian brass figure of a man with facial scarification.

The Real Me?

Therapeutic Narrative in Cosmetic Surgery

Illustration of Ur.

Ur of the Chaldees

A Virtual Vision of Woolley’s Excavations

Ticuna mask.

Vanishing Worlds

Art and Ritual of Amazonia

Site title graphic using images of sculptures and paintings.

Worlds Intertwined

Etruscans, Greeks, and Romans