Volume XII / Number 4


The Walls of Constantinople

A Lecture Delivered at the University Museum on Nov. 26, 1921

By: George Byron Gordon

Volume XII / Number 4

There are two ways of reaching Constantinople at present. One is by the Orient Express, leaving Paris and passing by way of the Simplon Tunnel, Trieste, Belgrade, Sofia. The other route is by sea, through the Mediterranean and up the Aegean, through the Dardanelles, and across the Sea of Marmora. I went down by rail, […]

Dress Among Plains Indian Women

By: William Curtis Farabee

Volume XII / Number 4

THE culture of the Plains Indians was characterized by a lack of practically everything we today consider essential in the life of any people and yet, in the minds of most of us, they were the typical Indians of America. We see them in imagination all clad in buckskin and feathers. The limits of this […]

Art of the Marquesas Islanders

By: Henry Usher Hall

Volume XII / Number 4

IN the year 1595, the Spanish admiral, Alvaro de Mendaña, sailing westward from Peru in command of an expedition sent out by the Viceroy, Garcia Hurtado de Mendoza, Marques de Cañete, discovered a group of islands lying about midway between the Peruvian coast and the great island of New Guinea on the western verge of […]


Volume XII / Number 4

GIFTS. The following gifts have been received. A collection of Greek and Etruscan pottery and bronzes from Miss Nina Lea, in memory of her father, Mr. Henry Charles Lea. A collection of plaster impressions of cameos and intaglios from Mrs. William L. McLean. An Egyptian scarab from Mr. James B. Bonner. Two United States coins […]