Volume XVI / Number 3


Mortuary Figures Of The T’ang Dynasty

By: Helen E. Fernald

Volume XVI / Number 3

On May 22, 1925, there was opened to invited guests of the Museum an Exhibition of Chinese Art which included many examples of painting, sculpture, bronzes, and pottery not hitherto seen in this country. Charles Custis Harrison Hall was entirely rearranged and the new objects placed not only so that their own beauty could be […]

A Souvenir Of The Great Explorers

By: Henry Usher Hall

Volume XVI / Number 3

The University Museum has recently received from Alaska an object of quite extraordinary interest, found in an Indian village on Admiralty Island by Mr. Louis Shot-ridge, of the American Section of the Museum. The circumstances of the finding of this object are as follows. Mr. Shotridge, himself a full blood Alaskan Indian and a chief […]

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The Expedition To Palestine

Volume XVI / Number 3

Work upon the excavations at Beisan, having been interrupted for a year, was resumed upon September first. The season from November to March, inclusive, is the time of rains in the Jordan Valley but it is also the cooler and more salubrious season. The rains are not heavy and at no period continuous for many […]

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The Joint Expedition To Ur

Volume XVI / Number 3

Plans have been completed for resuming the excavation of Ur in lower Mesopotamia on the first day of November. Mr. Woolley remains Field Director and Dr. Legrain again joins the staff as cuneiform scholar and second in command. Mr. Henry Mallowan, M.A. Oxford, who has specialized in Ancient History and Babylonian Archaeology, has received the […]

A George Leib Harrison Fellowship For The Museum

Volume XVI / Number 3

The President has devised that a George Leib Harrison Fellowship shall be awarded by the Museum to a student in archaeology who shall have prepared himself for advanced studies and who shall have otherwise proved himself adapted to the work. The successful candidate will be expected to spend at least a part of the year […]

Museum Notes

Volume XVI / Number 3

ACCESSIONS. By Gift. From Miss Lily Place, the Museum has received as a gift 11 Chinese embroideries, 2 pieces of Batik work from Java and 2 Arabic inlaid boxes. From Mrs. James Harris Knowles and Mrs. Mary Lloyd Serril, a brick from the Chinese wall. From Mr. K. Z. Tung, two pieces of Chinese embroideries. […]