Hermann Ranke


Title Date
A Guide to the Egyptian CollectionsMuseum Bulletin1950
Egyptian Deities and Their Sacred AnimalsMuseum Bulletin1950
A Sketch of the Geography and History of EgyptMuseum Bulletin1950
A Sketch of Egyptian ChronologyMuseum Bulletin1950
An Egyptian Tombstone From a Period of TransitionMuseum Bulletin1948
A Late Saitic Statue from the Temple of Neith at SaisMuseum Bulletin1942
An Egyptian Tombstone of the New KingdomMuseum Bulletin1941
A Statue of the Goddess HathorMuseum Bulletin1940
An Unfinished Statue of the Twelfth DynastyMuseum Bulletin1940
A Contemporary of Queen HatshepsutMuseum Bulletin1940


Title Date
Cuneiform Texts: Babylonian Legal and Business Documents from the Time of the First Dynasty of Babylon Chiefly from Sippar 1906
Researches and Treatises: Early Babylonian Personal Names from the Published Tablets of the So-Called Hammurabi Dynasty (2000 B.C.) 1905

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