Stephen Herbert Langdon


Title Date
A Sumerian Liturgy Containing an Ode to the WordMuseum Journal1918
A Tablet On The Mysteries Of Babylonian Symbolism*Museum Journal1918
A New Tablet of the Cult of Deified Kings in Ancient SumerMuseum Journal1917
A Babylonian Dream Tablet on the Interpretation of DreamsMuseum Journal1917
A Ritual Of Atonement for a Babylonian KingMuseum Journal1917
The Epic Of GilgamishMuseum Journal1917
An Ancient Babylonian MapMuseum Journal1916
Ishtar's Journey to HellMuseum Journal1916
A New Sumerian DocumentMuseum Journal1914


Title Date
Sumerian Liturgies and Psalms 1919
Sumerian Grammatical Texts 1917
Sumerian Liturgical Texts 1917
The Epic of Gilgamesh 1917
Sumerian Epic of Paradise: The Flood and the Fall of Man 1915
Cuneiform Texts: Historical and Religious Texts from the Temple Library of Nippur 1914

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