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Samuel Noah Kramer

Date Title Publication
1977 The Ur Excavations and Sumerian Literature Expedition Magazine
1967 Reflections on the Mesopotamian Flood
The Cuneiform Data New and Old
Expedition Magazine
1966 Ephraim Avigdor Speiser Expedition Magazine
1964 The Indus Civilization and Dilmun, the Sumerian Paradise Land Expedition Magazine
1963 Expedition News - Fall 1963 Expedition Magazine
1962 The Biblical "Song of Songs" and the Sumerian Love Songs Expedition Magazine
1959 A Sumerian Document with Microscopic Cunieform Expedition Magazine
1955 Tales of Sumer
Man's Oldest Myths
Museum Bulletin
1952 Anatolian Archaeology
Two Outstanding Turkish Excavations
A "Fulbright" in Turkey
Museum Bulletin
1952 Law and Love, A Hymn, A Prayer, and a Word to the Wise
A "Fulbright" in Turkey
Museum Bulletin
1952 Work Done
A "Fulbright" in Turkey
Museum Bulletin
1952 Background and Purpose
A "Fulbright" in Turkey
Museum Bulletin
1951 Mercy, Wisdom, and Justice
Some New Documents From Nippur
Museum Bulletin
1948 Iraqi Excavations During the War Years Museum Bulletin

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