Samuel Noah Kramer


Title Date
The Ur Excavations and Sumerian LiteratureExpedition Magazine1977
Reflections on the Mesopotamian Flood
The Cuneiform Data New and Old
Expedition Magazine1967
Ephraim Avigdor SpeiserExpedition Magazine1966
The Indus Civilization and Dilmun, the Sumerian Paradise LandExpedition Magazine1964
Expedition News - Fall 1963Expedition Magazine1963
The Biblical "Song of Songs" and the Sumerian Love SongsExpedition Magazine1962
A Sumerian Document with Microscopic CunieformExpedition Magazine1959
Tales of SumerMuseum Bulletin1955
Anatolian ArchaeologyMuseum Bulletin1952
Law and Love, A Hymn, A Prayer, and a Word to the WiseMuseum Bulletin1952
Work DoneMuseum Bulletin1952
Background and PurposeMuseum Bulletin1952
Mercy, Wisdom, and JusticeMuseum Bulletin1951
Iraqi Excavations During the War YearsMuseum Bulletin1948


Title Date
Ur Excavations, Texts: Literary and Religious Texts Part 2 1966
Ur Excavations, Texts: Literary and Religious Texts Part 1 1964
Biblical Parallels from Sumerian Literature: Handbook on the Special Exhibit in Honor of the American-Jewish Tercentenary, 1654–1954 1954
Enmerkar and the Lord of Aratta: A Sumerian Epic Tale of Iraq and Iran 1952
Schooldays: A Sumerian Composition Relating to the Education of a Scribe 1950

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Sumerian Research: Survey for Literary Tablets

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