Lee C. Horne


Title Date
Ur and Its Treasures
The Royal Tombs
Expedition Magazine1998
Glass in the Roman WorldExpedition Magazine1996
Introduction - Spring 1994Expedition Magazine1994
Focus on Fieldwork
Expedition Magazine1993
Return to Caracol
Behind the Scenes
Expedition Magazine1993
What is Ethnoarchaeology?
Expedition Magazine1991
Reading Village Plans
Architecture and Social Change in Northeastern Iran
Expedition Magazine1991
Brasscasting in DariapurExpedition Magazine1987
The Brasscasters of Dariapur, West Bengal
Artisans in a Changing World
Expedition Magazine1987
Artisans and Archaeologists
A Special Section on the Study of Crafts in India
Expedition Magazine1987
Fuel For The Metal Worker
The Role of Charcoal and Charcoal Production In Ancient Metallurgy
Expedition Magazine1982
Village Morphology
The Distribution of Structures and Activities in Turan Villages
Expedition Magazine1980
Dryland Settlement Location
Social and Natural Factors in the Distribution of Settlements in Turan
Expedition Magazine1980
Cultural and Ecological Perspectives from the Turan Program, IranExpedition Magazine1980


Title Date
Treasures from the Royal Tombs of Ur 1998
Introduction to the Collections of the University Museum 1985

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