Henry Usher Hall


Title Date
Two Wooden Statuettes From the Lower CongoMuseum Journal2020
The West African ExpeditionMuseum Bulletin1937
The African ExpeditionMuseum Bulletin1937
Maori War Canoe OrnamentsMuseum Bulletin1935
Malagan of New IrelandMuseum Bulletin1935
A New Guinea OracleMuseum Bulletin1934
The African CollectionsMuseum Bulletin1932
A Batetela ImageMuseum Bulletin1931
A Bushman CollectionMuseum Bulletin1931
A Wood-Carving from New GuineaMuseum Bulletin1931
Twins in the Upper GuineaMuseum Journal1928
A Large Drum From BeninMuseum Journal1928
A Maori Feeding-FunnelMuseum Journal1928
Two Masks From French Equatorial AfricaMuseum Journal1927
Dwarfs and Divinity in West AfricaMuseum Journal1927
Two Wooden Statuettes from French West AfricaMuseum Journal1927
An Ivory Standing Cup From BeninMuseum Journal1926
Alfred Collins In The Congo
A Photographic Record Of Daily Life With Introduction And Notes
Museum Journal1926
Some Shields Of The Plains And SouthwestMuseum Journal1926
A Buffalo Robe BiographyMuseum Journal1926
A Souvenir Of The Great ExplorersMuseum Journal1925
A Woodcarving From Easter IslandMuseum Journal1925
A Link With The Old Peale MuseumMuseum Journal1925
The Orator's StaffMuseum Journal1924
African Cups Embodying Human FormsMuseum Journal1924
A Congo Fetish
Or Divining Image From the Coast Region
Museum Journal1924
A Baluba Chieftain's StaffMuseum Journal1923
Ancient Man in the CharenteMuseum Journal1923
Notes on Some Congo and West African WoodcarvingsMuseum Journal1923
Congo and West African WoodcarvingsMuseum Journal1923
Two Hawaiian Feather Garments, AhuulaMuseum Journal1923
Great Benin Royal AltarMuseum Journal1922
Art of the Marquesas IslandersMuseum Journal1921
Woodcarvings of the Austral IslandsMuseum Journal1921
A Book of TapaMuseum Journal1921
Maori Wood Carving and MokoMuseum Journal1920
Fetish Figures Of Equatorial AfricaMuseum Journal1920
Shaminist Bird Figures of the Yenisei OstyakMuseum Journal1919
New Ireland MasksMuseum Journal1919
A Marshall Islands ChartMuseum Journal1919
Some Gods of the YorubaMuseum Journal1917
The BagoboMuseum Journal1916


Title Date
The Sherbro of Sierra Leone 1938
Handbook of Africa and the South Seas. 1922

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Sherbro Island and Shengge (Sierra Leone)

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