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Linton Satterthwaite

Date Title Publication
1971 Iran
Eleven Thousand Years of Cultural History
Museum Bulletin
1969 Archaeological Prospecting Museum Bulletin
1968 Kofyar Building in Mud and Stone Museum Bulletin
1968 J. Alden Mason
January 14, 1885—November 7, 1967
Expedition Magazine
1967 Change and the Cashinahua Museum Bulletin
1965 Maya Practice Stone-Carving At Piedras Negras Expedition Magazine
1963 Note on Hieroglyphs on Bone From the Tomb Below Temple I, Tikal Expedition Magazine
1960 Maya "Long Count" Numbers Expedition Magazine
1956 Maya Dates on Stelae in Tikal "Enclosures" Museum Bulletin
1954 Sculptured Monuments From Caracol, British Honduras* Museum Bulletin
1951 Reconnaissance in British Honduras Museum Bulletin
1946 Incense Burning at Piedras Negras Museum Bulletin
1942 Two Maya Bowls
A Problem in Reconstruction
Museum Bulletin
1940 Evolution of a Maya Temple
Part II
Museum Bulletin
1939 Evolution of a Maya Temple
Part 1
Museum Bulletin
1933 The Piedras Negras Expedition Museum Bulletin
1930 Excavation of an Indian Mound at Beech Bottom Museum Journal

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