James Bennett Pritchard


Title Date
The Phoenicians in Their HomelandExpedition Magazine1971
The Palace of Tell es-Sa'idiyehExpedition Magazine1968
An Eighth Century TravellerExpedition Magazine1968
A Cosmopolitan Culture of the Late Bronze AgeExpedition Magazine1965
Two Tombs and a Tunnel in the Jordan Valley
Discoveries at the Biblical Zarethan
Expedition Magazine1964
Reconnaissance in JordanExpedition Magazine1964
Civil Defense at Gibeon
"Gibeon was a great city...and all its men were mighty" - Joshua 10:2
Expedition Magazine1962
The Bible Reports on GibeonExpedition Magazine1961
The Wine Industry at Gibeon
1959 Discoveries
Expedition Magazine1959
A Second Excavation at GibeonMuseum Bulletin1958
Discovery of the Biblical GibeonMuseum Bulletin1957


Title Date
Tell es-Sa`idiyeh: Excavations on the Tell, 1964–1966 1985
The Cemetery at Tell es-Sa`idiyeh, Jordan 1980
Sarepta: A Preliminary Report on the Iron Age 1975
Winery, Defenses, and Soundings at Gibeon 1964
The Bronze Age Cemetery at Gibeon 1963
The Water System at Gibeon 1961
Hebrew Inscriptions and Stamps from Gibeon 1959

Research Project Affiliations

El-Jib (Gibeon)
Sarepta (Sarafand)
Tell es‑Sa'idiydh (Zarethan)

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