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Clarence Stanley Fisher

Date Title Publication
1960 Expedition News - Spring 1960 Museum Journal
1924 The Church At Beisan
Discoveries By The Expedition To Palestine
Museum Journal
1924 The Expedition to Palestine
Beisan as Seen from the Air, Royal Air Force Photographs
Museum Journal
1924 Merenptah's Throne Room Museum Journal
1924 A Group of Theban Tombs
Work of the Eckley B. Coxe Jr. Expedition to Egypt
Museum Journal
1923 Bethshean
Excavations of the University Museum Expedition, 1921-1923
Museum Journal
1922 Beth-Shean Museum Journal
1921 The Throne Room of Merenptah Museum Journal
1917 The Eckley B. Coxe Jr. Egyptian Expedition Museum Journal

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