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The Cuneiform Digital Library

Curatorial Section


Research Discipline

  • Archaeology
  • Linguistics


1991 - 2012

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Cuneiform Digital Library (CDL) is a global cooperation for creating online resources about the Ancient Near East for research and pedagogical purposes.

Location Information

Sumer is located in the south of modern Iraq. Sumerian was used across the Ancient Near East from Iran to Turkey.

Time Period Studied

3200 BCE to the turn of the era

  • Steve Tinney, University of Pennsylvania
  • Bob Englund, University of California at Los Angeles
  • Eleanor Robson, Cambridge University, England
  • Niek Veldhuis, University of California at Berkeley
Project Overview

The CDL is closely linked to the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative, which provides core cataloging and archiving facilities for the entire cuneiform corpus. CDL provides a framework for cooperation and facilities for translation and linguistic annotation which allows scholars from around the world to build richly annotated corpora set in an interpretive context.

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