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Excavations at Roc de Marsal

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2005 - 2007

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The current project follows the previous excavation at the site by a local amateur in the mid-1900s.

Location Information

Western Europe

Time Period Studied

80,000–40,000 BP

  • Dr. Harold Dibble, University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Shannon McPherron, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig
  • Dr. Alain Turq, Musée Nationale de Préhistoire
  • Dr. Dennis Sandgathe, Simon Frasier University
Project Overview

Our goals are to get more information that will allow us to understand better the context of the Neanderthal infant who was presumably buried there and to investigate the hearths and their contents. Compared to other Neanderthal sites, Roc de Marsal is unusual in having discrete fire features; analysis of these will help us better interpret Neanderthal cultural behavior.

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