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Vanishing Worlds: Art and Ritual of Amazonia
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Through July 28, 2007
An exhibition organized by the Houston Museum of Natural Science
Adam Mekler, Curator

The vast Amazonian region of South America is home to a significant portion of the world’s indigenous people who are living some semblance of their traditional lifestyles. At least three hundred groups with distinct cultural traditions and languages occupy Amazonia. Vanishing Worlds presents a documented collection of art and material culture that provides a rare glimpse into the culture of the Kayapó, Ticuna and other Amazonian peoples.

Unfortunately, as is the case everywhere, indigenous peoples are impacted by disease, large scale destruction of their natural environment, and rapid deculturation initiated by contact with the outside world. Despite these challenges, the peoples represented here are actively revitalizing their culture and language.

Kamayurá men dancing during the Kuarup festival. Photo: Courtesy Cristina G. Mittermeier.
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Vanishing Worlds: Art and Ritual of Amazonia
by Adam Mekler, Curator
Houston Museum of Natural Science

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