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Building Transformation

Rendering of what the new Egypt Galleries will look like.

Ancient Egypt and Nubia Galleries

Ancient Egypt and Nubia come to life at the Penn Museum. Acquired mainly through Penn’s own archaeological research over the last century, the collection illuminates 5,000 years of magnificent, ancient civilizations. In our new galleries, iconic spaces will showcase the creativity and prowess of ancient Egyptian and Nubian cultures. Visitors will journey to the realm of Osiris in the lower floor Life and Afterlife Galleries, walking into the intact, richly colorful Old Kingdom tomb chapel of Kaipure and explore ancient Egyptians’ contributions to the developments of writing, literature, law, architecture, urban planning, mathematics, and other sciences. On the upper floor, visitors will marvel at the soaring 23-foot columns and portal of the majestic palace of Merenptah and encounter the great kingdom of Nubia through two new galleries showcasing one of the largest collections of Nubian artifacts in the United States. Gifts to the Ancient Egypt and Nubia Galleries Fund will bring these galleries to life.