Helen Elizabeth Fernald


Title Date
Two Colossal Stone Chimeras from a Chinese TombMuseum Journal2020
In Defense of the Horses of T'ang T'ai TsungMuseum Bulletin1942
Book ReviewsMuseum Bulletin1935
An Early Chinese SculptureMuseum Bulletin1934
Two Pottery Tiles from a Han Dynasty TombMuseum Bulletin1933
Additions to the Chinese CollectionMuseum Bulletin1931
A Chinese BronzeMuseum Bulletin1931
The Maikop TreasureMuseum Bulletin1930
Two Sections of Chinese Fresco Newly Acquired
Belonging to the Great Kuan Yin Wall
Museum Journal1929
Ladies of the Court
An Early Chinese Scroll Painting
Museum Journal1928
The T. Broom Belfield Collection of Japanese NetsukéMuseum Journal1928
Another Fresco from Moon Hill MonasteryMuseum Journal1928
The George Byron Gordon Memorial CollectionMuseum Journal1928
A Chinese Buddhistic Statue in Dry LacquerMuseum Journal1927
A Note on the Chinese Stela of 551 A.D.Museum Journal1927
Ancient Chinese Musical Instruments
As Depicted On Some Of The Early Monuments In The Museum
Museum Journal1926
Chinese Frescoes Of The T'ang Dynasty In The Museum
618-906 A. D.
Museum Journal1926
Some Chinese Grave FiguresMuseum Journal1926
Three Ming Pottery FiguresMuseum Journal1926
Mortuary Figures Of The T'ang DynastyMuseum Journal1925
The Educational Department Of The Museum-Its FunctionsMuseum Journal1925


Title Date
Handbook of Chinese Paintings in the Collection of the Museum 1922

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