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Tikal Report 14

Excavations in the Great Plaza, North Terrace, and North Acropolis of Tikal

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Author(s): William Robertson Coe
Published: 1991
ISBN: 9780934718660
Series: Museum Monogragh | Tikal Reports

Tikal Report 14
"Crucial to the series—and to the understanding of ancient Tikal."—National Geographic

"Of those [reports], none is more crucial to the series—and to the understanding of ancient Tikal—than the present Report No. 14. It deals with the results of excavations in one of the most complicated masses of ancient architecture and associated cultural remains known to American archaeology—Tikal's North Acropolis. . . . And William R. Coe's illustrations are brilliant to the point of establishing a new set of standards for us all."—National Geographic

This report is integral and pivotal to the entire Tikal publications series. Produced in six separate casebound volumes (3 of text, 2 of illustrations, a map box for oversize plans and sections), this monumental study looks at the very hub of Tikal. Tikal Report 14 is a tribute to its author, William R. Coe, who not only was able to salvage Tikal from the jungle but meticulously recorded all the resulting data in detailed plans, sections, drawings, and photographs, as well as the written word. This is an integrated site report of unprecedented size and scope.

Tikal Report 14 will be of vital interest to field archaeologists and historians studying aspects of Mesoamerican culture.