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Tikal Report 27, Part A

The Artifacts of Tikal

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Author(s): Hattula Moholy-Nagy, William Robertson Coe
Published: 2008
ISBN: 9781931707947
Series: Tikal Reports | Museum Monogragh

Tikal Report 27, Part A
TR27A reports on goods used as markers of social status and goods used in ritual. It describes the splendid ornaments and insignia of jade, shell, pearls, and inscribed bone shown in representations on monuments and pottery vessels and recovered from the burials of Tikal's elites. Each artifact is described in the text, tabulated, and richly illustrated with drawings and photographs. An accompanying CD-ROM includes updated databases for all recovered objects, enabling the reader to discover detailed relationships between artifact, date, and context. It also includes William R. Coe's drafts of reconstructions of destroyed offerings and typologies for ceremonial lithics and shell "Charlie Chaplin" figurines.

Content of the book's CD-ROM may be found online at this location: