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The Paleolithic Prehistory of the Zagros-Taurus

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Author(s): Harold L. Dibble, Deborah I. Olszewski
Published: 1993
ISBN: 9780924171246
Series: Museum Monogragh

The Paleolithic Prehistory of the Zagros-Taurus
Situated between Europe, Asia, and the Levantine corridor to Africa, the Zagros-Taurus region has enormous potential for the study of human adaptation and population movement during the Pleistocene. While archaeological work was done in this area 40 years ago, much of it remains unpublished. The political situation restricts research by archaeologists. This volume includes new data and major syntheses of the Paleolithic prehistory of the region, with reports of key sites and industries. By filling a major gap in our understanding of this area, it represents an essential reference for Near Eastern and Paleolithic specialists.