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Bring the insight and awe of a Penn Museum guided tour directly into your home or classroom! Graduate Guide Virtual Tours are now available for a range of Penn Museum galleries. Tour presentations are narrated by Penn Museum Graduate Guides, Penn PhD or master’s students working in the fields of archeology and anthropology. Follow along as they virtually lead you through the galleries to explore objects on display and in storage.

Mediterranean Galleries Tour thumbnail

Mediterranean Galleries Tour

Explore eight objects and themes in the Etruscan Italy, Greece, and Rome Galleries. Beginning in the 8th century BCE and covering roughly 1,000 years of history, the tour takes you from early Italian tombs to Roman imperial burials in Syria. Learn about the developmentof coinage, mythological scenes on Greek vases, Greek social practices, Etruscan architecture, Roman technological innovations in glass, and an erased Roman imperial inscription.

Greece Gallery Tour thumbnail

Greece Gallery Tour

Discover almost 1,000 years of Greek history, from the 8th century BCE to the 1st century CE. This tour looks at burial goods, pottery, coins, and marble sculptures to address themes such as representations of women, burial practices, and the intersections of archaeology, myths, and literature. Learn about the ancient Olympic Games, Greek social practices, and the development of coinage.

Etruria and Rome Galleries Tour thumbnail

Etruria and Rome Galleries Tour

Learn more about the Penn Museum’s important collections from Etruscan and Roman Italy. This tour covers eight themes and objects, from burial practices in early Italy to those at the at the height of the Roman Empire. Discover more about everyday objects like glass vessels and lamps, ceramic manufacturing, Etruscan architecture,and an erased Roman imperial inscription.

Middle East Galleries Tour thumbnail

Middle East Galleries Tour

The Penn Museum began with the first American expedition to the Middle East. On this tour, explore six topics from the Museum’s Middle East Galleries – from the earliest temples in Mesopotamia to daily life in the Islamic Empire. Learn more about Queen Puabi’s royal tomb at Ur, how school children learned to write cuneiform, and how an Iron Age city became frozen in time.

Mexico and Central America Gallery Tour thumbnail

Mexico and Central America Gallery Tour

Examine eight objects, sites, or themes from Central America and Mexico, from around 1,200 BCE to contemporary heritage practices. This tour takes you from the earliest Olmec figurines to contemporary representation of the Aztec god Ehécatl. Learn more about the sites of Teotihuacán and Sitio Conte, the decipherment of Maya glyphs, Ulúa marble vases, and Aztec earspools created within the dynamics of Spanish colonial rule. The tour also addresses the role of museums and Penn’s excavations within this region’s cultural heritage.

Africa Galleries Tour thumbnail

Africa Galleries Tour

The Africa Gallery offers over 300 objects on display from the continent of Africa as well as artwork created by contemporary artists in the African Diaspora. Each object serves as a glimpse into various African histories and brings into conversation the role of context when examining the objects. This tour reminds guests of the thriving African Diaspora as well as the ever evolving multiplicity of African societies.

La galería de México y América Central thumbnail

La galería de México y América Central

Examine ocho objetos, sitios o temas de Centroamérica y México, desde el 1,200 a.C hasta prácticas patrimoniales contemporáneas. Esta visita virtual lo llevará desde las más antiguas figuras Olmecas a representaciones contemporáneas del dios azteca, Ehécatl. Aprenda más sobre los sitios de Teotihuacán y Sitio Conte, el desciframiento de los glifos mayas, jarrones de mármol Ulúa, y orejeras aztecas creadas dentro las dinámicas del dominio colonial español. La visita también aborda el papel que toman los museos y las excavaciones de Penn dentro del patrimonio cultural de esta región.

Asia Galleries Tour thumbnail

Asia Galleries Tour

The Asian Section of the Penn Museum is famous for its large collection of Chinese Buddhist sculptures. On this tour, see representations of Buddhist deities and Buddhist paradise as you explore how pre-modern Chinese artists transferred their faith into physical forms and how ancient artifacts record Chinese history.

Egypt Galleries Tour thumbnail

Egypt Galleries Tour

Follow along as we delve into 5,000 years of ancient Egypt. Drawing on some of the more than 40,000 objects in the Penn Museum’s Egyptian collection, we’ll follow the rise of the ancient Egyptian kingdom, learn about Egyptian medicine and protection practices, and discover the importance of Egyptian names. We’ll look at artifacts that teach us about the might of kings, the power of temples, the journey to the afterlife, and the networks and connections that linked Egypt to other ancient societies.

Native American Voices Gallery Tour thumbnail

Native American Voices Gallery Tour

Take a closer look at the Penn Museum’s North American collections and learn about Native American communities past and present. The tour covers six themes, from the enduring presence of local Native peoples to some of the oldest stone tools ever recovered in North America. Find out more about sacred places for Native peoples and their efforts to protect them, legislation that strives to ensure Native sovereignty and the return of cultural objects, how Native communities celebrate their cultural identities through practices such as lacrosse and powwows, and contemporary Native artists.

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