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9/17/22 ABC Radio/Australian Broadcasting Corp.
World Heritage—too much of a good thing?

9/9/22 Philly Live! NBC10 (WCAU-TV)
A Unique View at New U-2 Spy Planes & Aerial Archaeology Exhibit

9/6/22 WHYY
CIA photos from U-2 spy planes of the 1950s have new life in archeology at Penn Museum

8/20/22 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Cold War spy planes photographed a lot more than Soviet military sites, including ancient buried ruins

8/11/22 AAA World
Philadelphia's Marvelous Must-See Museums

8/05/22 WBUR
What makes the world’s first bar joke funny? No one knows.

7/20/22 Philadelphia Magazine: Best of Philly
The Penn Museum was named the "Best Museum You Need to Visit" for 2022 in the highly coveted annual “Best of Philly” listing

6/23/22 Philadelphia Magazine
The Progressive Penn Museum Wedding of Philly Mag Editor at Large Ernest Owens

6/12/22 The Guardian
Specialist gang “targeting” Ukrainian treasures for removal to Russia

6/9/22 Philly Live! NBC10 (WCAU-TV)
See Penn Museum Transform Into the Ideal Wedding Venue

5/31/22 La Nacion
Tatiana Proskouriakoff, la “admirable” arqueóloga rusa que revolucionó la interpretación de los jeroglíficos mayas

5/19/22 Scripps TV
U.S. museums band together to help Ukrainians protect cultural artifacts

5/14/22 The Washington Post
U.S museums are trying to return hundreds of looted Benin treasures

5/4/22 South Philly Review
Bringing Marian Anderson’s Story to Life.

4/29/22 The Philadelphia Business Journal
From Expanded Budgets to More Thursday Bookings, Philadelphia Wedding Industry Looks to Capitalize on Pent-up Demand

3/31/22 WPVI-TV (6 ABC)
Spanish-speaking writers pen poetry for Philadelphia community

3/25/22 Opera Wire
Penn Museum to Present ‘Marian Anderson: Her Story in Style’ Event

3/15/22 The Philadelphia Business Journal
Penn Museum taps Tia Jackson-Truitt as its first chief diversity officer

2/25/22 NPR WHYY
Curators in Ukraine face deadly obstacles as they protect their country's treasures

10/22/21 Forbes Magazine
From Ancient Egypt To Contemporary Culture, These Upcoming Events Help Elevate The Study Of Beer

10/20/21 The Philadelphia Inquirer
From naked Greek athletes to Marian Anderson’s elegant velvet concert gown, new show at Penn Museum is dressed for all occasions

10/20/21 Al Día
CultureFest! Día de Los Muertos returns for its 10th year

10/12/21 The Budget Traveler
Things to do on a budget in Philadelphia this fall

10/1/21 CNN Style
5 historical garments that showcase the link between fashion and identity

10/1/21 WMAR-TV (ABC)
New exhibit examines what we wear and the stories it tells

9/29/21 Penn Today
Students Immersed in Place- Based Learning in Alaska

9/27/21 KYW News Radio
New Penn Museum exhibit looks at how what we wear connects us, defines us

9/26/21 Al Dia
The Stories We Wear, Penn Museum’s newest art exhibition

9/24/21 The Philadelphia Tribune
New Penn Museum Exhibit Explores History Through Fashion

9/24/21 Penn Today
Stories We Wear

9/24/21 The New Yorker
When Black History is Unearthed, Who Gets to Speak for the Dead?

9/23/21 CBS 3 Eyewitness News at Noon
New Exhibition Opens At Penn Museum

9/23/21 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Best Kids Events This Week

9/18/21 The Philadelphia Inquirer, Fall Arts Preview edition
‘Must See” Exhibits this Fall

9/18/21 The Philadelphia Inquirer, Fall Arts Preview edition
Best Things to Do for Families

9/16/21 Philadelphia Style Magazine
Book Your Tickets for these Must-See Art Exhibits Now

9/16/21 Discover PHL
Top Can’t Miss Exhibits in Philadelphia

9/8/21 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Our Insider’s Guide to 22 Essential Philadelphia Museums

9/7/21 Philly LIVE - NBC 10
Can't Miss Fall Happenings Around Philly Region

8/22/21 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Twins share everything, but not a wedding

8/10/21 The Philadelphia Inquirer
The best free and cheap things for students in Philadelphia

8/9/21 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Penn Museum’s first artist in residence encourages others to ‘transcend without fear’

8/6/21 Atlas Obscura
Does This Medieval Fresco Show A Hallucinogenic Mushroom in the Garden of Eden?

8/1/21 Ancient Origins
Study Contradicts Top-Down Theories on Ancient Thai Metal Production

7/30/21 Penn Today
Metal artifacts in Southeast Asia challenge long-held archaeological theory

7/30/21 WHYY
Lenape: We just want to be Welcomed Back

7/27/21 Al Día
Carlos José Pérez Sámano, Penn Museum's first Resident artist, connects Latinxs through ‘Una Raíz Compartida’ workshop

7/23/21 Kurdistan 24
Gird-i Dasht: The site of one of Kurdistan’s oldest settlements has stories to tell

7/22/21 The Daily Pennsylvanian
Penn Museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art partner to offer summer discounts

7/20/21 KYW NewsRadio
Art Connected to Ancient Olympics on Display at Penn Museum

7/8/21 Science Magazine
A racist scientist built a collection of human skulls. Should we still study them?

7/8/21 Wooder Ice
Campus Philly’s CollegeFest is Back This September With Free Museum Admissions & Activities!

7/7/21 The Daily Pennsylvanian
Penn Museum to open new exhibit on fashion history called ‘The Stories We Wear’ in September

6/25/21 Philly Influencer
What’s Happening in Philly: 35 amazing things to do in and around the city

6/23/21 Good Beer Hunting
Psychedelic Pints—Finding Oneness Through Beer and Other Drugs

6/15/21 Penn Today
Penn team expands cultural heritage work in Iraq, backed by new funding

6/12/21 Barron's Magazine
Cultural Institutions Get Creative to Make up for Pandemic Losses

6/9/21 Penn Today
A unique but exemplary academic year: 2020-21 in review

6/3/21 The Philadelphia Inquirer
The Philadelphia Inquirer Yellow Whistles are providing safety and security for Asian Americans facing hatred

6/3/21 Ancient Origins
Elongated Skulls in utero: A Farewell to the Artificial Cranial Deformation Paradigm?

4/20/21 The New York Times
What Should Museums Do with the Bones of the Enslaved?

4/14/21 Wine Enthusiast Magazine
The Long, Winding Path of Wine as Medicine

4/12/21 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Penn Museum apologizes for its ‘unethical’ collection of human skulls and says it will repatriate remains of Black Philadelphians and others

4/7/21 The Wall Street Journal
‘Invisible Beauty: The Art of Archaeological Science’ Review: More Than Meets The Eye—Images of ancient artifacts made using magnification, X-rays, and more are aesthetically pleasing and scientifically illuminating

3/18/21 The Philadelphia Sunday Sun
Penn Museum appoints Muriel Patricia Clifford as its first diversity liaison

3/16/21 Philadelphia Business Journal
Penn Museum appoints first diversity liaison in effort to strengthen community relations

3/15/21 Suara Pemred
Vatican Urges International to Stop Fighting Muslims in Syria

3/15/21 The Philadelphia Tribune
The Penn Museum has appointed Muriel Patricia Clifford as its inaugural development diversity liaison.

2/26/21 Penn Today
‘Body to body, breath to breath’ features the virtual undergraduate student exhibition as it celebrates the Year of Jazz.

2/25/21 Visit Philly/UWISHUNU
The Queens, Warriors, and Archaeologists virtual tour is #13 on the list of things to do for Women’s History Month.

2/25/21 Generocity Philly
If Accessibility Seems an Unsolvable Riddle, the Penn Museum Offers an Answer

2/25/21 The Pennsylvania Gazette
Woods Tapped to Run Penn Museum

2/20/21 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Penn Museum has Hired its first Black Director, Who Pivoted from Physics to Antiquities

2/17/21 WPHL-17 Morning News
In three live segments focusing on Black History Month, reporter Khiree Stewart interviews Ellen Owens and volunteer Larry McCIenney about the Africa Galleries.

2/15/21 Penn Today
‘Through our own lens’ features Black History Untold: Revolution and how the Museum’s virtual programming offers a different perspective.

2/15/21 World Archaeology Magazine
A Museum for the Coming Ages

2/11/21 WHYY Radio
The ‘Untold’ Revolutionaries: Identity Series Explores Lesser-Known Black Social Movements includes information about Black History Month programming.

2/5/21 The Philadelphia Inquirer
The 2021 Valentine’s Day Guide 2021 includes the Museum's Second Sunday Culture Film Series.

2/3/21 Visit Philly/UWISHUNU
Things to Do for Black History Month in Philadelphia 2021, Listed at #9, Black History Month Events from the Penn Museum include February’s Great Lecture with Joseph McGill, Jr. of the Slave Dwelling Project.

2/3/21 The New York Times
Archaeologists Find Mummies With Golden Tongues

2/2/21 KYW New Radio/
Penn Museum Celebrates Black History Month with virtual events, festival

2/1/21 Discover PHL: Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau
Honor Black History in Philadelphia

2/1/21 Campus Philly
8 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

2/1/21 Chronicle of Higher Education
Dr. Christopher Woods appointed as the next Williams Director at the Penn Museum.

1/26/21 Antiques and the Arts
Art of Archaeological Science Goes Under Penn Museum’s Microscope

1/22/21 Penn Today
Christopher Woods appointed director of Penn Museum

1/21/21 Philadelphia Business Journal
Penn Museum names new director at ‘pivotal moment’ for the institution

1/19/21 Socientifica
Invisible beauty: exhibition brings enlarged images of ancient artifacts

1/17/21 Nouvelle du Monde
“Hidden secrets revealed in microscopic images of ancient objects,” says magnification shows off the artifacts’

1/16/21 Art Daily
Penn Museum exposes objects' exquisite details with Invisible Beauty: The Art of Archaeological Science

1/16/21 LiveScience
Hidden secrets revealed in microscopic images of ancient artifacts

1/15/21 Popular Archaeology
Invisible Beauty

1/13/21 NBC 10 Philly LIVE!
The Penn Museum Is Reopen With an Exhibit Focusing on ‘Invisible Beauty'

1/7/21 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Philly area museums and attractions that have reopened

1/4/21 Philly Voice
Penn Museum celebrating Lunar New Year with virtual events

1/1/21 Campus Philly
Campus Philly’s Spring 2021 Resource Guide lists the Museum as one of the Top 25 Things to Do Under $25.

Grand Reopening

1/7/20 Lonely Planet
Refugee and immigrant guides bring exhibits to life at Philadelphia's Penn Museum

11/26/19 Broad Street Review
The New Penn Museum premieres phase one of its reimagining

11/15/19 Penn Today
Penn Museum’s transformation revealed

11/15/19 WHYY Radio News
‘This is not an old story’: Penn Museum reimagines its African, Central American galleries with a modern view

11/15/19 Philadelphia Style magazine
The Penn Museum Golden Gala

11/15/19 KYW NewsRadio with Mark Abrams
Penn Museum's grand reopening celebrates newly refurbished galleries

11/15/19 6 ABC / WPVI - TV
New galleries opening this weekend at Penn Museum

11/15/19 Philadelphia Tribune
‘This is not an old story’: Penn Museum reimagines its African, Central American galleries with a modern view

11/14/19 Philadelphia Business Journal - Also ran in NEW YORK BUSINESS JOURNAL
Inside the Penn Museum’s renovated entrance, galleries

11/14/19 Telemundo - Lubbock, Texas
Introducing The 'New' Penn Museum

11/14/19 Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Introducing The 'New' Penn Museum

11/14/19 Art Newspaper
Opening new galleries and showcasing its sphinx, Penn Museum rebrands its image

11/14/19 The Philadelphia Inquirer - Inga Saffron
Philadelphia’s legacy art museums work to attract a woke generation with frank talk and better amenities

11/14/19 NBC 10 gives a sneak peek at the Newly Transformed Penn Museum / Lauren Mayk
Sneak Peek at the Newly Transformed Penn Museum

11/14/19 El Universal (Mexico) Cultura - EFE
Museo universitario de Pensilvania dedica sala a arte prehispánico

11/14/19 UWISHUNU - Opening Weekend/GRO
Penn Museum Debuts Stunning Renovated Galleries, Sphinx-Focused Entrance

11/12/19 The New York Times
Penn Museum Redesign Aims Beyond Academics

Moving a Monument

6/25/19 Popular Science
The secret to moving this ancient sphinx? Hoverboards

6/17/19 Popular Mechanics
Here's How You Move a 25,000-Pound Ancient Sphinx

6/13/19 Smithsonian Magazine
The Penn Museum Just Floated a 12-Ton Sphinx Out a Window

6/13/19 Newsweek
Ancient Egypt: Military Buildings at Fortress from Ramses II Reign Discovered

6/13/19 USA Today
Pride pickup, sphinx on move, Tony Stark’s cabin: News from around our 50 states

6/12/19 WHYY Radio News
Like ‘Back to the Future’: Penn Museum floats its ancient sphinx to a new home

6/12/19 KYW-TV, CBS 3
3,000-Year-Old Huge Sphinx Moves To New Spot Inside Penn Museum

6/12/19 WPVI-TV, 6 ABC, Philadelphia, PA
Sphinx at Penn Museum is on the move

6/12/19 Penn Today
A monumental move for the Penn Museum's iconic sphinx

6/12/19 The Philadelphia Inquirer:
How do you move a 13-ton Egyptian sphinx? Penn Museum hopes to try it today

6/12/19 Associated Press:
Huge Sphinx makes crawling journey to new spot in museum

Other Recent Headlines:

10/12/20 Chicago Magazine
Making a More Ethical Field Museum

10/11/20 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Boo at the Zoo and beyond: Fall outings for Philly families this week

10/9/20 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Penn Cultural Heritage Center hosts virtual event to discuss this summer's demonstrations on Monument Avenue

10/9/20 UWISHUNU Philadelphia
Excellent Things to Do in Philly This Week, October 13-18

10/6/20 Smithsonian Magazine
A Colossal Statue of Atlas Will Rise Again

10/6/20 The National Herald
Colossal Statue of Atlas Made from Ancient Greek Fragments Planned in Sicily

10/6/20 PBS 39 Counter Culture with Grover Silcox
Counter Culture Ep. 5

10/5/20 The New York Times
From the Rubble of Atlases, a Colossus Will Rise

Global Guide recounts journey fleeing from Iraq, starting new life in U.S.

10/2/20 Richmond Times-Dispatch
Williams: 'Lost Cause, Potential Future': The reimagining of Richmond's Confederate monuments is the focus of a virtual forum

6/4/20 BBC's The Forum
Babylon, City of Wonders

6/2/20 NBC Philadelphiia
Visit the Penn Museum From Your Home

5/31/20 The Philadelphia Inquirer
You work, your kids learn to juggle. Circus livestreams and more quality screen time to get you all through the next week.

5/27/20 Philadelphia Magazine
100 Ways to Experience Philadelphia Right Now — Without Leaving Home

5/26/20 OMNIA
Anicent Armor, A Mysterious Royal Tomb, and a Pair of Massive Stone Gates at Gordion

5/24/20 The Daily Pennsylvanian
Mother-daughter duo graduates summa cum laude from Penn, together

4/21/20 Broad Street Review
Mining deeper into Philly’s online museums

4/15/20 India TV
Craving for a vacation amid lockdown? Here's how you can enjoy Philadelphia from home

4/13/20 UWISHUNU Philadelphia
Ways To Experience Philly From Home this Week, April 13-19

4/10/20 Popular Archaeology
African Treasure

4/8/20 Penn Today
Naskapi connections: Restorative research in the Penn Museum collection

3/31/20 National Geographic
What did people do before toilet paper?

3/30/20 The Philadelphia Inquirer
Philly museums and med students band together to donate protective gear to front-line health-care providers

3/30/20 Penn Today
Researchers, schools answer the call for personal protective equipment and critical supplies

3/30/20 Philadelphia Style
Visit Philly's Favorite Museums Thanks to Virtual Gallery Tours

3/25/20 The Philadelphia Tribune
Virtual Events Calendar

3/17/20 Discover PHL
Philadelphia From Home

3/20 Visit Philadelphia
How to Virtually Explore Top Philadelphia Area Attractions

3/20 Philadelphia Magazine
Explore Philly From Your Couch With These Virtual Tours of Local Attractions

3/3/20 Penn Today
The curious case of ancient bear bones at a Mississippi dig site

3/3/20 WPIX 11
Museum's Global Guides program links past artifacts with people from those cultures

2/23/20 CNN Travel
Museum hires refugees as docents to help visitors see exhibits from a new perspective

2/21/20 Museum Next
US Museum Hires Refugees as Guides

2/17/20 NPR
Refugee Docents Help Bring A Museum's Global Collection To Life

2/15/20 NBC10
Celebrating Black Excellence: An NBC10 Special

2/14/20 KYW NewsRadio
KYW To-Do List: A valentine 'to die for,' Aretha tribute, and more for Feb. 14 to 16

2/14/20 Daily Pennsylvanian
Penn Museum channels ‘Parks and Recreation’ with first Galentine’s Day celebration

2/14/20 NBC10
Free and Affordable Fun for Extended Presidents Day Weekend

2/14/20 Philadelphia Style Magazine
Celebrate African American Culture with These Events During Black History Month

2/13/20 NBC10
Penn Museum Celebrates African and Diasporic Cultures

2/13/20 WBHT-FM B101 Radio
Galentines Day Events In Philadelphia

2/13/20 Good Day Philadelphia
CultureFest will celebrate African and diasporic cultures at the Penn Museum

2/12/20 Broad Street Review
ArtYard’s Valentine for the future, PhillyCAM hits a milestone, and CultureFest! Africa this weekend

2/10/20 Philadelphia Style Magazine
The Sphinx of Ramses II Greets Guests Thanks to the Penn Museum's Face-Lift

2/9/20 Philadelphia Metro
Where to celebrate Galentine's Day 2020 in Philadelphia

2/8/20 NBC10
African, Diasporic Cultures Celebrated at Penn Museum

2/7/20 Penn Today
Nourishing the brain with conversations about food

Eight Delightful Ways To Celeberate Galentine's Day In Philly

2/2/20 KYW News Radio
Penn Museum's African Galleries renovated for Black History Month

2/1/20 Philadelphia Magazine
Celebrate Black History Month in Philadelphia With These Events, Tours, Exhibits and More

2/1/20 Mainline Today
7 Valentine's Day-Inspired Dates to go on This February

1/25/20 WHYY
Return of the Rat: Chinese Lunar New Year honors the trickster

1/21/20 Conde Nast Traveler
15 Best Museums in Philadelphia

1/21/20 The New York Times
Where to Go to Watch the Paint Dry

1/17/20 Philly Voice
Things to do in Philadelphia this weekend, Jan. 17-20

1/16/20 Philadelphia Metro
Celebrate the Lunar New Year a bit early this weekend at the Penn Museum

1/16/20 The Conversation
Co-Authored by Visiting Scholar Marie Nicole Pareja Cummings

How we solved the Greek monkey mystery - and found an important clue to Bronze Age world

1/15/20 Visit Philly
Guide to Black History Month in Philadelphia 2020

1/14/20 Philadelphia Inquirer
Trump's threat to strike Iranian cultural sites puts him in league with ISIS, Taliban

1/20 Popular Archaeology
Stela 14: Unlocking the Maya Script

1/6/20 The New York Times
A Threat to Iran's Rich Cultural Heritage

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