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Ancient Alcohol After Hours

Reviving Philly’s Roots

Penn Museum

Wednesday, Apr. 10, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm ET

$50 General | $40 Member

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Drinking together has been a tradition for thousands of years. Ancient Alcohol After Hours is an unconventional (and boozy) journey back in time to explore what our ancestors thought about alcohol, how they made it, and its role in society.

This spring, our popular tour + tasting series returns with Reviving Philly’s Roots. Don’t miss this sensory expedition into the captivating history of winemaking in the heart of Philadelphia. Join us for an unforgettable evening of discovery, innovation, and the extraordinary flavors reshaping the narrative of Philly's wine legacy.

A Talk on Archaeobotany + Alcohol

Unravel the saga of Philadelphia's winemaking past with Dr. Chantel White, Penn Archaeobotanist and Eli Silins, the trailblazing owner and head winemaker at Camuna Cellars. From tales of deception and groundbreaking innovations to the lands cultivated by early winemakers, this riveting discussion reveals hidden stories behind the city's viticultural evolution.

But the journey doesn't stop in the late 1700s. Camuna Cellars is spearheading a thrilling revival, breathing new life into the tradition of using North American grapes for winemaking. Get the inside scoop on their historic efforts to grow grapes in the region, sharing the highs and lows of experimentation. You’ll learn to rediscover indigenous flavors and challenge the status quo of the wine industry's "noble" grape varieties, inviting you to question what truly makes a remarkable drink. Dive into the complexities of tastemaker influence on our wine choices, and redefine your palate as we savor the potential of a new "drinks" culture rooted in our local terroir.

Tasting + Self-guided Tour

Cap off the evening in our enchanting courtyard, where the magic of Camuna Cellars comes to life. Indulge your senses with two meticulously crafted wines that celebrate the beauty of local North American grapes. Challenge your taste buds and join us in raising a glass to the bold and unconventional flavors reshaping the narrative of Philadelphia's wine scene. Our galleries will stay open so you can explore artifacts rich with stories of ancient alcohol across time and cultures.

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About the Speakers

 Headshot of Chantel White

Chantel White, Ph.D.

Chantel White, Ph.D., is a Teaching Specialist in the Center for the Analysis of Archaeological Materials, where she teaches Archaeobotany. White was previously a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Notre Dame. She received her Ph.D. from Boston University in Archaeology in 2013. She maintains current archaeobotanical projects in Greece, Israel, Jordan, and the U.S., and was the curator for the special exhibition, Ancient Food & Flavor.

 Eli Silins in Camuna Cellars, holding a bottle of wine.

Eli Silins

Eli Silins, owner of Camuna Cellars, started making wine in California in 2013. He has long been interested in sustainable agriculture systems and the intersection of ancient and modern holistic farming practices. In 2019 Eli moved from Berkeley, California, to Philadelphia, bringing Camuna Cellars with him. He is currently exploring the bounty of the Mid-Atlantic and experimenting with various combinations of grapes, apples, and honey.