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Teacher Talks

Decolonizing the Classics

Penn Museum

Thursday, Apr. 11, 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm ET

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There has been increasing urgency around the decolonization of academic subjects in recent years, and there may be no discipline more in need of this approach than Classics. The academic discipline of Classics has traditionally been used to justify and validate imperial endeavors and has been associated with the gatekeeping of education and political authority.
Ian Lockey, Friends Select School

Philadelphia-area teachers are invited to this professional development event to learn what decolonization entails, why it is important, and how educators can take part in this vital work.

For almost the entirety of the history of western education, ancient Greco-Roman literature and philosophy (the “Classics”) have played an oversized role in curriculum. While undeniably important and worth learning about, many other scholars, writers, and thinkers have made invaluable contributions to pedagogic thought. Further, the absence of scholars of color from this history of education is conspicuous and problematic. The process of addressing this serious issue is referred to as “decolonization.”

Learn about the historical connections between the Classics and white supremacy, moments of resistance within the discipline, and how people are working to reimagine how this subject can be a locus of liberation rather than oppression.

Dinner will be provided and Act 48 credits are available. Parking vouchers included upon request.

About the Presenter

Ian Lockey is Instructor of Latin and Ancient Greek and Upper School DEI coordinator at Friends Select School in Philadelphia.