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Archaeology in Action

Earliest Hunters in the Mountains of South America

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Wednesday, Mar. 6, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm ET

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Speaker in the Mountains.

This brand-new virtual lecture series connects you to Penn Museum’s leading archaeological experts. Hear first-hand accounts from researchers and learn about the latest findings from projects across the globe from the comfort of your home.


South America was uninhabited by humans until approximately 14,000 years ago when hunter-gatherers continued their migration from North America. Through archaeological research in cave sites in Peru, where humans sheltered from the cold, we can imagine these hunters bringing their knowledge and skills to challenging new environments, such as developing distinct artistic styles and making magnificent stone tools. In this lecture, Dr. Katherine Moore will detail her 2023 trip to the Andean mountains and share her work with archaeological collections, landscapes, and local communities

About the Speaker

Katherine Moore.

Katherine Moore, Ph.D.

Katherine Moore, Ph.D., is the Mainwaring Teaching Specialist for Zooarchaeology in the Center for Analysis of Archaeological Materials (CAAM) at the Penn Museum, and a Practice Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Penn. A native of Delaware, she first visited the Penn Museum with her family in 1966, taught her first Penn course in 1999, and taught the first course in CAAM in 2014. She works on ancient animal bones that are the remains of food, pets, pests, and herd animals, untangling the multiple roles that animals have played in the lives of people.

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