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CLIO Society

Clio Society is the Penn Museum’s undergraduate student interest group. All undergraduate students are welcome to join!

Mission Statement

Named after Clio, the Greek Muse of history.

“Our goal is to give students a platform within the museum where they can enhance and strengthen their undergraduate experience through the Penn Museum’s many resources.”

Clio brings together students who share a common interest in and appreciation for museums, culture, and art. Members will gain a greater understanding of world cultures, arts and culture professions, and the museum field.

Members can train to become Museum docents, volunteer for Museum programming, participate in behind the scenes tours of Museum collections, learn object-based teaching, invite guest speakers, organize events for students, and attend Clio-sponsored visits to other museums.

To stay up to date on what’s happening for students at the Museum, follow the Penn Museum student page on Facebook.

What We Do

students holding 'we escaped the museum' signs

Are You Ready for Escape the Museum?

Themed after an “Escape the Room,” students have the opportunity to solve clues, answer riddles, and unlock secrets to help them escape from one gallery to the next while simultaneously navigating the Museum!

curator showing students an artifact

Dive into the Depths with Storage Tours

Clio Members have the rare opportunity to see behind-the-scenes collections in our deepest areas of Museum storage. Usually paired with a pizza party, Clio gets a guided tour by keepers in sections not usually seen by the public, such as Oceania, Asia, and American.

students learning about an artifact at a booth

Give Gallery Tours and Facilitate Cartifacts!

Do you have a favorite gallery or object in the Museum? Want to share your knowledge with others? Clio gives you the opportunity to learn about object-based teaching, and present your tours to other students and guests! Train on our Cartifact program to learn how to teach using handleable replicas of real objects in the galleries.

students playing clue while dressed up

Come in Character with Clue

Once a year, Clio hosts a gallery-based, interactive Clue Night! Students from select clubs, such as Benjamin Franklin Scholars come to the Museum to try and solve the mystery of who took what from where. Help participate and get into the character of Clue!


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