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Past Galleries & Exhibitions

Three student curators in a lab, wearing latex gloves, and examining an object.

Closed February 5, 2024

Key Questions

What was shore life like in Florida thousands of years ago? Ancient artifacts preserved for centuries in the muck off Florida’s southwest coast continue to reveal secrets nearly 125 years after they were recovered.

Three student curators in a lab, wearing latex gloves, and handling an old seashell.

Closed February 26, 2022

Heritage in Our Hands

What does heritage mean to you? In 1972, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) came together to identify and protect important heritage sites around the world.

Rendering of the Stories We Wear exhibit.

Closed June 12, 2022

The Stories We Wear

The clothing, accessories, and decorations we put on our bodies tell stories about who we are. They shape how others see us and how we see ourselves.

The Canaan & Ancient Israel gallery.

Closed August 1, 2021

Canaan & Ancient Israel Gallery

The region today encompassing Israel, the Palestinian territories, Jordan, Lebanon, and adjacent parts of Syria for thousands of years experienced occupation by foreign rule. The artifacts in this Gallery explore how people responded and adapted to occupation, and how they lived their daily lives.