John Alden Mason


Title Date
H. Newell Wardle, 1875-1964Expedition Magazine1964
Louis ShotridgeExpedition Magazine1960
Linguistic Research in the University MuseumMuseum Bulletin1955
Frank Gouldsmith SpeckMuseum Bulletin1950
Publications of the University Museum on Middle AmericaMuseum Bulletin1943
Notes For Further ReadingMuseum Bulletin1943
The Indian Peoples of Middle America TodayMuseum Bulletin1943
The Lesser Archaeological Cultures of Mexico and Central AmericaMuseum Bulletin1943
Other Theocratic Cultures of MexicoMuseum Bulletin1943
The MayaMuseum Bulletin1943
The Valley of MexicoMuseum Bulletin1943
IntroductionMuseum Bulletin1943
PrefaceMuseum Bulletin1943
Ivory and Resin Figurines from CocléMuseum Bulletin1940
Book ReviewsMuseum Bulletin1940
Book ReviewsMuseum Bulletin1939
Impressions of an EthnologistMuseum Bulletin1938
Archaeological Work in Durango During March, 1936Museum Bulletin1936
Mexican and Mayan Sweat-BathsMuseum Bulletin1935
Collections from SantaremMuseum Bulletin1935
Gold in Ancient AmericaMuseum Bulletin1935
A Pottery Vessel from MexicoMuseum Bulletin1934
A Stela from Piedras NegrasMuseum Bulletin1934
Three Inca Wooden CupsMuseum Bulletin1934
A Stucco Head from GuatemalaMuseum Bulletin1934
Gold and Copper Ornaments from PeruMuseum Bulletin1933
A Remarkable Throne from GuatemalaMuseum Bulletin1933
Jade Ornaments from Piedras NegrasMuseum Bulletin1933
Stela 12 from Piedras NegrasMuseum Bulletin1933
Peruvian Pottery WhistlesMuseum Bulletin1932
A Peruvian Painting SetMuseum Bulletin1931
A Maya Carved Stone Lintel from GuatemalaMuseum Bulletin1931
A Naskapi Indian RobeMuseum Bulletin1931
The Air Survey in Central AmericaMuseum Bulletin1931
The Texas ExpeditionMuseum Journal1929
Zapotec Funerary Urns from MexicoMuseum Journal1929
Turquoise Mosaics from Northern MexicoMuseum Journal1929
Some Unusual Spearthrowers of Ancient AmericaMuseum Journal1928
A Remarkable Stone Lamp from AlaskaMuseum Journal1928
What We Know About The Maya
(From a Lecture delivered at the Museum on November 13th)
Museum Journal1927
Eskimo Pictorial ArtMuseum Journal1927
Mirrors of Ancient AmericaMuseum Journal1927
Native American JadesMuseum Journal1927
A Collection From The Crow IndiansMuseum Journal1926
Additions To The American SectionMuseum Journal1926
Dr. Farabee's Last JourneyMuseum Journal1926


Title Date
Language of the Papago of Arizona 1950
Examples of Maya Pottery in the Museum and Other Collections, Part 3 1943
Examples of Maya Pottery in the Museum and Other Collections, Part 2 1928

Research Project Affiliations

Lock Haven (Pennsylvania)
Mesoamerica Aerial Survey
Paiute Ute Indians (Utah)
Piedras Negras
Sitio Conte - Cocle

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