Janet Marie Monge


Title Date
Mummies Beyond the Grave
An Introduction to Mummy Studies around the World
Expedition Magazine2016
Finding Their Way Home
Twenty-five Years of NAGPRA at the Penn Museum
Expedition Magazine2016
ORSA: The Open Research Scan ArchiveExpedition Magazine2008
The Morton Collection and NAGPRAExpedition Magazine2008
The Samuel George Morton Cranial Collection
Historical Significance and New Research
Expedition Magazine2008
Surviving: A Lightning Rod
Exhibit Notes
Expedition Magazine2008
Out of Heaviness, Enlightenment
NAGPRA and the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Expedition Magazine2003
Researching the Origins of Swahili Coast InhabitantsExpedition Magazine2001
A New View of a Neandertal Fossil Bone Collection
Science & Archaeology
Expedition Magazine1999
Victims of the QuakeExpedition Magazine1992
Reproducing Our Ancestors
The University Museum's Casting Program
Expedition Magazine1987
Technology of CastingExpedition Magazine1987


Title Date
The Extramural Sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone at Cyrene, Libya, Final Reports, vol. 4, part 1: The Small Finds; part 2: Glass; part 3: Faunal and Human Skeletal Remains 1990

Research Project Affiliations

Analysis of the Dentition and Trauma of the Krapina Neanderthals
Dead Men of Duffy's Cut
Dental Maturation of Philadelphia School Children – A Panoramic X-ray Analysis
Origins and Affiliations of the Swahili East African People
The Analysis of Skeletal Materials from Hasanlu and Tepe Hissar, Iran

Videos & Films

Dead Men of Duffy's Cut
Public Classroom 1: Understanding the History of Science - Introduction
Public Classroom 1: Understanding the History of Science and Race - Lecture
Public Classroom 1: Understanding the History of Science and Race - Panel Discussion
Expedition - "Hasanlu Lovers"
Pompeii Lecture Series: Life and Death in Herculaneum
From Skulls and Scans
Great Beasts of Legend: The Hobbits of Flores Island: Myth, Magic, Majesty of Homo floresiensis
When Museums Tackle Tough Topics: Race, Science, and the Penn Museum
Beneath the Skin: The Skeleton Within
Beauty through the Ages Lecture and Luncheon Home Décor: Cave to Castle
Surviving: The Body of Evidence; Private Tour with Janet Monge
Great Myths and Legends:The Piltdown Fossil Forgery and the Search for the “First Englishman”

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