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Title Date
Tomb Sculptures from PalmyraMuseum Journal2020
King Nabonidus and the Great Walls of BabylonMuseum Journal2020
The Golden Boats of Marduk and Nabu in BabylonMuseum Journal2018
Nippur Fifty Years AgoMuseum Bulletin1948
Horseback Riding in Mesopotamia in the Third Millennium B.C.Museum Bulletin1946
The Sabaean CollectionMuseum Bulletin1944
The Luristan BronzesMuseum Bulletin1944
PalmyraMuseum Bulletin1944
Tepe Gawra and Tell BillaMuseum Bulletin1944
NuziMuseum Bulletin1944
The Nippur Seal and Terracotta CollectionsMuseum Bulletin1944
The Sassanians and the ArabsMuseum Bulletin1944
The Parthian PeriodMuseum Bulletin1944
The Greek PeriodMuseum Bulletin1944
The Persian PeriodMuseum Bulletin1944
The Neo-Babylonian PeriodMuseum Bulletin1944
The Assyrian PeriodMuseum Bulletin1944
The Cassite DynastyMuseum Bulletin1944
The First Dynasty of BabylonMuseum Bulletin1944
The Isin-Larsa DynastiesMuseum Bulletin1944
The Third Dynasty of Ur. The Stela of Ur - NammuMuseum Bulletin1944
Lagash (Tello)Museum Bulletin1944
Sargon of AgadeMuseum Bulletin1944
India and EgyptMuseum Bulletin1944
Elam. Isin-LarsaMuseum Bulletin1944
Ashur and MariMuseum Bulletin1944
Khafaje and Tell AsmarMuseum Bulletin1944
FâraMuseum Bulletin1944
Kish (Uhaimir)Museum Bulletin1944
The Jemdet-Nasr PeriodMuseum Bulletin1944
Tell 'Uqair "Painted Temple"Museum Bulletin1944
The Uruk PeriodMuseum Bulletin1944
The SumeriansMuseum Bulletin1944
The al-'Ubaid Painted PotteryMuseum Bulletin1944
al-'UbaidMuseum Bulletin1944
Ur of the ChaldeesMuseum Bulletin1944
NippurMuseum Bulletin1944
Early Discoveries in MesopotamiaMuseum Bulletin1944
The Assyrian Relief of AshurnasirpalMuseum Bulletin1944
IntroductionMuseum Bulletin1944
Chronology*Museum Bulletin1944
Nippur AgainMuseum Bulletin1941
Nippur Old DrugstoreMuseum Bulletin1940
The Museum's GudeaMuseum Bulletin1937
Luristan Bronzes in the University MuseumMuseum Journal1934
The Sabean CollectionMuseum Bulletin1932
A Collection of Bronzes from LuristanMuseum Bulletin1931
Gem Cutters in Ancient UrMuseum Journal1929
The Boudoir of Queen ShubadMuseum Journal1929
Note on the Inlay StandardMuseum Journal1929
The Sumerian Art ShopMuseum Journal1928
Old Sumerian ArtMuseum Journal1928
Small Sculptures from Babylonian TombsMuseum Journal1928
Discovery of Royal Tombs at Ur of the ChaldeesMuseum Journal1927
Sumerian SculpturesMuseum Journal1927
The Stela of the Flying AngelsMuseum Journal1927
The Tragic History Of Ibi-Sin, King Of UrMuseum Journal1926
The Pilgrim Of The Moon At Ur Of The Chaldees
Concerning the Fourth Campaign of the Joint Expedition of the Museum of the University of Pennsylvania and the British Museum.
Museum Journal1926
The Joint Expedition To Ur Of The ChaldeesMuseum Journal1925
The Art Of The Oldest Civilization Of The Euphrates ValleyMuseum Journal1924
Two Door Sockets of the Kings of UrMuseum Journal1924
Coins From NippurMuseum Journal1924
The Inscriptions of the Kings of Agade
The Missing Fragment of the Nippur Tablet. CBS. 13972
Museum Journal1923
Darius and the Pseudo Smerdis
A Green Jade Relief. CBS. 14543
Museum Journal1923
Some Seals of the Babylonian CollectionsMuseum Journal1923
Five Royal Seal CylindersMuseum Journal1922
A New Fragment of ChronologyMuseum Journal1921
Reconstructing Ancient HistoryMuseum Journal1920
Nippur's Gold TreasureMuseum Journal1920


Title Date
Ur Excavations, Archaeology, vol. 10: Seal Cylinders 1951
Ur Excavations, Texts, vol. 3, part 2: Business Documents of the Third Dynasty of Ur: Indexes, Vocabulary, Catalogue, Lists 1947
Ur Excavations, Texts: Business Documents of the Third Dynasty of Ur: Plates 1937
Ur Excavations, Archaeology: Archaic Seal Impressions 1936
Ur Excavations, Archaeolog: The Royal Cemetery - parts 1–2 1934
Terra-Cottas from Nippur 1930
Ur Excavations Texts: Royal Inscriptions  1928
Royal Inscriptions and Fragments from Nippur and Babylon 1926
The Culture of the Babylonians from Their Seals in the Collections of the Museum 1925
Historical Fragments 1922

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