Penn Museum Research

56 Projects
ProjectCuratorial Section
Abydos Survey for Paleolithic Sites (ASPS)Egyptian
Analysis of the Dentition and Trauma of the Krapina NeanderthalsPhysical Anthropology
Anatolian Genetic History ProjectPhysical Anthropology
Applied Forensic Anthropology – Video Surveillance and Skeletal AnalysisPhysical Anthropology
Ararat Plain Southeast Archaeological ProjectNear East
Archaeological and Ethnohistorical Survey of JerbaMediterranean
Ban Chiang ProjectAsian
Bat Archaeological ProjectNear East
Biological and Cultural Diversity of South Indian Landscapes: Vegetation of the Mudumalai VayalsAsian
Biomolecular ArchaeologyNear East
Calakmul Epigraphic Research ProjectAmerican
Chaco Area Reproductive Ecology ProgramPhysical Anthropology
Dead Men of Duffy's CutPhysical Anthropology
Dental Maturation of Philadelphia School Children – A Panoramic X-ray AnalysisPhysical Anthropology
Early Copan Acropolis ProgramAmerican
Early Modern Human Behavior at Smugglers’ Cave, MoroccoAfrican
Elmina Bioarchaeological ProjectAfrican
Excavations at Roc de MarsalEuropean
Excavations at the Mortuary Complex of Pharaoh Senwosret III at AbydosEgyptian
Gordion Archaeological ProjectMediterranean
Gordion Paleoethnobotanical and "Ecopark" ProjectMediterranean
Guatemala Health InitiativePhysical Anthropology
Hasanlu ProjectNear East
Lagash Archaeological ProjectNear East
Llamas, Alpacas, and Fish in the Ancient Landscapes of Lake Titicaca, BoliviaAmerican
Louis Shotridge Digital Archive ProjectAmerican
Middle Mekong Archaeological ProjectAsian
Monogamy and Paternal Care in Primates of Argentina and EcuadorPhysical Anthropology
Origins and Affiliations of the Swahili East African PeopleAfrican
Pech de l'Azé IVEuropean
Pre-Columbian Monumental Earthworks of the AmazonAmerican
Priniatikos Pyrgos ProjectMediterranean
Salt Range Temple ProjectAsian
Santa Bárbara Archaeological ProjectAmerican
Saqqara ExpeditionEgyptian
Saronic Harbors Archaeological Research Project (SHARP)Mediterranean
Shotridge Research and Stewardship ProjectAmerican
Smith Creek Archaeological ProjectAmerican
Sourcing Mesopotamian GoldNear East
South Jersey ProjectHistorical
Success amid the Maya Collapse: Ucanal, GuatemalaAmerican
Summer Archaeobotany ProgramMediterranean
Tel Yaqush Research and Excavation ProjectNear East
Tell es-SweyhatNear East
Tepe Hissar, Iran: Ceramic Chronology of a Bronze Age TownNear East
Thailand Archaeometallurgy ProjectAsian
The Analysis of Skeletal Materials from Hasanlu and Tepe Hissar, IranNear East
The Arrival and Expansion of Pastoralist Economies on the Laikipia PlateauAfrican
The Cuneiform Digital LibraryBabylonian
The Earliest Alcoholic Beverage in the WorldAsian
The Electronic Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary (ePSD)Babylonian
The Jiroft Civilization: A New Culture of the Bronze Age on the Iranian PlateauNear East
The Naxcivan Archaeological ProjectNear East
The Roman Peasant ProjectMediterranean
Tivoli StoriesAmerican
Vijayanagara Research ProjectAsian